Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

In worship, we take God’s promises seriously, but we don’t take ourselves as seriously. We have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We follow the traditional pattern of Lutheran worship (with confession, preaching, and communion), but we like trying new things that make God’s presence felt. We sing some old classic hymns and some newer songs. We’ve been described as both traditional and contemporary and are probably somewhere in between.

If you join online, we practice hybrid worship, meaning we want "zoomies" at home to be as included as the "roomies" in the building. We encourage people to speak up for prayers and greetings and we will often have participants read from home. 

The simple answer is: whatever you’re comfortable wearing. On any given Sunday, you’ll likely see t-shirts and suits, jeans and nice dresses, and at least one Wisconsin sports team jersey at MLC. The most important thing is just that you’re here.

Any are welcome to receive communion at MLC because it’s not our table; it’s the Lord’s Supper (as we sometimes call communion), and we believe the Lord calls all people to repentance and new life. Anyone who comes to the table looking for Jesus will receive Him in the bread and wine.

With hybrid worship, we welcome those who are joining online to have the sacrament at home with their own bread and wine or juice.

For Sunday school, we use a curriculum, Spark, that follows the lectionary. Pastor Ari also uses the lectionary to lead discussion with adults during the Sunday school hour. To complete this bridge between the generations, each Sunday school hour opens with a Cross+Generational gathering time in the sanctuary. Presenters offer students of all ages an overview of the lectionary lesson. In addition to our classroom model of Christian Education, we bring generations together 5‐8 times a year for Cross+Generational Sunday school and service projects. We do all these activities with the goal of building caring relationships between children and adults and all of us and God. We call this Cross+Generational Ministry, a kind of faith talk that brings people of different ages together to learn from one another. Find out more: Cross+Generational Sunday School.

We are located just east of the Milwaukee County Zoo, on West Bluemound Road at the western edge of the City of Milwaukee, with service on the Milwaukee County Transit System’s route 67 bus line. Click the ‘Get Directions’ link for more information and driving directions to our location. Get Directions

We have two parking lots. One is off Bluemound Road and the other is off St. Paul Avenue on the other side of the building. Most Sundays, these fill up by worship, but there is also plenty of easy street parking on 93rd and St. Paul.

Congratulations on your engagement! God created us to be in relationships with others and we rejoice with you as you begin this lifelong commitment to your spouse.

Martin Luther Church is available for weddings to both members and non-members, though non-members should pay special attention to our wedding policy and the non-member guidelines. We suggest contacting the office as early as possible and a minimum of 6 months before your planned wedding to confirm availability.

To begin the process, or if you have any questions, please contact our office by calling 414-476-9411 or email at

Martin Luther Church and our pastor are available for any family seeking a Christian funeral for a loved one. The promise of baptism is completed in death and in our grief, hearing the promises of the Gospel provides us comfort and hope. Please contact our office by calling 414-476-9411 if we can be of service.

In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus commands his followers to baptize and make disciples of all people. To be faithful to this call, we celebrate Baptism as a vital expression of God’s promise for life and freedom.

Baptism joins us to the Body of Christ and makes us part of the community of the church. Since parents promise to keep their child active in this community, we ask that at least one parent of a baptized child be a member of our congregation or be in the process of joining. Exceptions would include those who are away at school, in military service, or face other special circumstances.

If you would like to know more about baptism for yourself or your child please contact the pastor. You can contact our office by calling 414-476-9411 or by email at